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Read! Write! Enjoy! Learn!  Hone your craft!  Your gift will make room for you! Prov. 18:16

What does an author do?

  1. Create an idea
  2. Draft a paper.
  3. Edit the ideas.
  4. Mold and shape the characters.
  5. Decide if this craftsmanship worth coming to life.
  6. Sketch a script.
  7. Review, revise,edit and edit some more.
  8. Finalize their artwork.
  9. Share it with the world

Oh my dear friends, there is so much more to being an author. These are just a few steps into my world.

Published Literature

Meet the Author

Mow Braxton is a native of Savannah, GA, currently residing on the outskirts of Atlanta. Her mission is to spread the Gospel through her creative gift of writing. 

 If you would like to book Mow  for seminars or speaking engagements contact us! Email braxtonenterpriseinc@gmail.com

Read. Write. Enjoy. Learn. Hone your craft. Your gift will make room for you. Prov. 18:16

Study to show thyself approved!

A writer practices. A writer never quits. A writer prepares. A writer is a student always. Mow the Author 

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